General Information

Why purchase a central vacuum over a portable vacuum?

Central vacuum’s provide you and your family with a cleaner home and healthier environment. Researchers revealed the use of a central vacuum system reduced nasal allergy symptoms by as much as 47%, eye symptoms by as much as 61%and improved indoor air quality by 52%.

No other technology cleans as efficiently and effectively.

Traditional vacuum cleaners allow too much dust to recirculate on your rugs, furniture and throughout your home. This in result causes indoor air pollutant levels 2 to 5 times, and in some cases 100 times higher than what would be typically found in outdoor levels. A central vacuum is often recommended for removing pollutants since 100% of pollens, bacteria, and pet dander vacuumed are exhausted out of the home when vented outdoors.

Why Central Vacuums Work for You

There are many benefits to owning a central vacuum system besides all the improvements in air quality and health benefits. Central vacumm systems are designed to make your life easier.

By having inlet valves located throughout your home, all you have to do is plug the hose into one of the inlets and your ready to use the system.

With such a wide range of accessories available, you have many more options and tools for cleaning a wide range of surfaces and objects.

No more dragging a heavy portable up & down stairs or banging into furniture. Central vacuum systems are easy to use and because they’re more efficient at collecting dirt and dust, you don’t have to vacuum as often.

Central vacuum unit can be as much as 5x more powerful than portables.

Added Value
Central vacuum systems have low installation costs, but retain value over the years. Also it’s a great feature if you ever decided to sell your home.

Filtering Differences

Paper Bag

Our sealed paper bag units incorporate a two-layer disposable paper bag for superior filtration. The bag has an inner liner which adds longer life, as well as more strength & resistance to bursting. This liner also serves as an electrostatic barrier. These paper bags are inexpensive and can easily be changed, making vacuum maintenance easy.


Cana-Vac® uses an inverted cloth bag system which is often referred to as a “Self Cleaning”. Though this filtration system does not actually “Clean” itself, it does shake off excess “dirt cake” to maintain a constant level of filtration efficiency. This is achieved by the flexing action of the filter and unique Teflon® coating. When the unit is turned on the cloth bag inverts itself and is sucked upwards. The cyclonic action inside the dirt canister separates the heavier particles. When the unit is turned off, the filter settles back into it’s starting position. This flexing of the filter shakes off the excess dirt cake.

Paper Filter

The “No Maintenance” filter is by far the easiest method for the consumer. There aren’t any replacement bags to replace or buy; there is no need to get hands dirty by reaching up inside to replace filters or clean filters and there is no need to worry about failure as a result of overfilling the unit. Overall, it is a user friendly system which offers excellent motor protection depending upon the material used by the manufacturer.

Cana-Vac® uses the most technologically advanced filtration available. Cana-Vac® HEPA membrane filters coated with a non-stick fluropolymer provide superior filtration against allergens, bacteria, viruses and dust at 99.97% at .3 mircon. While 100% of vacuumed contaminates are exhausted outdoors when fitted with an exterior exhaust, ventilation indoors where required has never been safer with the superior protection that only a HEPA material can provide. In addition, since this filter has a non-stick coating the same as you would find on a frying pan, Cana-Vac® filters maintain superior airflow performance for life with no maintenance because dirt just doesn’t stick!

Cyclonic Action

Cyclonic separation explained

Vacu-Maid® systems use cyclonic separation. This differs from “filtered” central vacuums in the way fine particles are removed. While a filtered system uses a bag to catch these particles, a cyclonic system completely removes these particles by venting them outside.

As dirt enters the canister, the air inside swirls like a tornado with the heavier debris falling to the bottom of the can, while the fine particles are vented outside. This prevents most of the dust from getting into the motor. Some competitors may say that there is no way to keep all of the fine dust off of the loading fans, but our cyclonic power units and Ametek motors are built to withstand dust in the motor without affecting the life or function of the system. Ametek specifically designs motors to function under these conditions for use with Vacu-Maid® cyclonic systems.

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