Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of motor is it?

A: Virtually all manufacturers use one source – “Ametek/Lamb”

Q: What is “Suction”?
A: Suction tells how much pull power the motor has, it is often referred to as “Inches of Waterlift”.

Q: What are Airwatts?
A: Airwatts represent a measurement of overall performance.

Q: What is an air driven powerhead?
A: This powerhead has no motor – it has a turbine that is driven from the suction of the vacuum unit which turns the brush roller. Applications? It is recommended for homes with no pets that shed, no people with long hair and homes with Berber carpet or limited amounts of carpet

Q: How often do I have to clean the central vacuum unit?
A: Empty the bucket every 2-3 months regardless of how full the bucket. Cleaning the filter or screen, replacing the paper bag, is usually required every 2-3 months