Thoro-vac built in vacuums

Made in Canada, are built of the highest quality, with its all metal body, permanant body gasket, easy to use latches, and pail handles, carbon dust filter, it sets itself above the competition. An now with the Data Sync Option available on . . . More »

Wally Flex

Wally Flex is a convient 15\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Stretch hose to clean up kitchens, bathrooms,mudrooms,laundry rooms, etc. Hangs on the wall, always ready to use. Just unhook the hose, and flick the switch. More »


want to hide your hose? More »



2008/2009/2010 Consumer’s Choice award winner for Business Excellence in Central Vacuum Systems

Eliminate the number one complaint about central vacuum systems…

lugging around that bulky hose! Cana-Vac is proud to present the ONLY ELECTRIC HOSE STORAGE DOCKING STATION available on the market. Doc IT. The Cana-Vac Doc IT takes care of that complaint by storing a 45 or 55 foot hose neatly inside a standard household wall cavity thus eliminating the need for storing the hose in a closet or the tedious task of trying to coil the hose manually. Just Doc IT by pushing the “In” arrow on the hose and the Doc IT system automatically winds the hose and stores it inside the wall for future use. The hose is also Kink Proof!

Benefits of Central-Vac Systems

  • Adding value at a low cost
  • Convenience and versatile
  • Improves indoor air quality up to 52%
  • Reduces eye allergy symptoms up to 61%
  • Reduces nasal allergy symptoms up to 47%
  • No recirculation of dust and harmful allergens
  • Much quieter than conventional plug-in vacuums
  • As much as 5x more powerful than conventional vacuums
  • Zero Maintenance Protective Micro Filters or Premium HEPA membrane Non-Stick filters